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“Label your face mask with your name”
- USA Today

Customize it and make it your own!

With your name printed on the inside – you will never lose a mask again!

A mask made for more than just covering your face...

Make an Impact

Each mask provides one day of diapers for American families impacted by COVID through the non-profit Baby2Baby

Job Creation in USA

Each masks provides hundreds of Americans fair wages in Los Angeles, California

We’ve made it easy to do your part…

Every mask purchased donates a day's worth of diapers and basic necessities in need through the non-profit Baby2Baby.
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Customize your mask.
Wash and re-use.
Make an impact!
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What are the masks made of?

The masks are made in Los Angeles, CA. Each mask is made with with two-layers: outside-layer is 100% polyester and the inside-layer is 100% cotton. Each seamstress that assembles the mask receives fair wages. Each mask is printed with a high-definition sublimation printed design that stays intact, wash after wash.

How can I be sure my profits are being donated?

Apolis has a long-standing reputation with immesurable philantripic events year-round. Just last year we had similar fund raising products and we donated over $30K to Direct Relief, $21K to charity: water and over $30K to Baby2Baby. You can rest assured that we’ll continue these efforts.

Are these masks medical-grade?

No, but they comply with CDC social distancing guidelines.

Want to personalize a large order for a school?

We provide wholesale bulk pricing! Glad to schedule a one-on-one Apolis Face Mask design consultation and share pricing, timline and minimium order quantities, start here.

Want to personalize a similar mask for kids (5-11 years old)?

You can go here for kids masks we have available to customize right here.

Don’t leave home without it.

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